The man behind is Mr.M.Purushotham who is popularly known as Uttam Jadugar, has been in magicfield for the last 20 years, as a performer, Under his guidance many people learnt magic and became professional magicians.He is also inventor and manufacturer of magic toys and items with own manufacturing facilities. We have been participating in major exhibitions throught the country regularly.

Here is excellent, handy, useful magic kits there are as many as tricks, no previous experience, you can just do it.

Magic is to make believe it is a logical process of reasoning and learning when something unbelievable happens we wonder how? Why? it happened, curiosity, enquiry and understanding are the basic steps of the learning as every one wants to grow physically and mentally strong magic can do it.

This tricks are very simple to understand, to learn & perform that is magic made easy.

Practice makes a man perfect true this applies not only to the magic but also to education, learning this tricks cultivates the habit of practicing.

Self confidence and pride of achievement are requisites in every ones life even a child- would love to perform these tricks and make people appreciates his talent.

Performing tricks needs fastness and sharp skills it automatically shows out as a smartness and personal behavior.

Magic tricks are great entertainer family gathering school functions, family functions you name it magic becomes handy it dosent need elaborate arrangements by performing these tricks in school functions or just infront of your friends you can just become a hero. These tricks are based on simple physics; illussion and skillful hard work so the vertue of learning understanding and performing slowely became your second nature.